Hello and Welcome

 To be honest....

I've been very lucky and blessed in this lifetime. I met my husband when we were just 15 years old. We didn't stay together very long, just under a year. But we became good friends and that friendship blossomed into something so stable that at the tender age of 21, we were back together again and raising a family right away.  My husband and I are like yin and yang or two sides to the same coin. We have very different personalities, yet we share the same values. This has become the solid foundation which has made our relationship work and stay strong during the challenges and storms that life throws up at you. And when life throws up, things can get really messy and smelly in a hurry.  I know, you know, what I'm talking about! Right?

I've had people tell me, my standards are too high. 

Don't mess with a manifesting mama on a mission.

This would be like trying to wrestling with a mama bear and a super large snake at the same time. It sounds very scary doesn't it? But not if you're the female version of the hulk. Then it becomes pretty easy, doesn't it?

When a woman gets something in her head, come hell or high water. She will get it done, if she truly wants it. And doing it for our kids, is way easier then doing it for ourselves. Wouldn't you agree? 

"Lucky for me" I've had some really bad trauma's  

These horrible lessons, made me to stop taking care of everyone else and what they wanted. And taught me to start taking care of myself and what I wanted.

I'm a bit of a rebel and use to be control freak. Now in saying that, I use to allow myself to get a little bit to busy, to listen to my intuition.  So when the universe knocked, I heard it but didn't always answer the door. Sometimes I even pretended I wasn't home. Which means the universe would sent me a storm (like it often does, I'm sure you've experienced that.) and it would blow down the door, blow in the windows, knock down my home (comfort zone) and make a mess out of everything. This way I had no choice but to listen to what spirit wanted from me. 

One would think that having a loaded gun held to your head would be the worse....

Don't get me wrong I had my share of nightmares from it, for years acually. But honestly it wasn't as bad as an injury that left me in so much pain I was unable to walk for 3 months. Having no way to move or get around and being at the mercy of others. Was a huge wake up call for me. IT WAS THE BIGGEST! It is what brought me back into myself, into my own energy, intuition, listening to and trusting in spirit to guide me.  It's what brought me to write this page. It's what brought you to this page. After all we are kindred spirits on a mission to make the world a better place. Aren't we! 

I've failed more times then most people will ever try!

I love to learn, create and share. 

Life is so much easier when you are being real and authentic. When your being who really are life flows with ease and grace (most of the time, lol). And when it's not and something challenges you? You have faith that in the long run it will work out. IF and i say "IF" you learn your lesson and grow from it in a positive loving way. It you don't then things will spiral down and down and put you into that dark dank hole of despair and regret. Filling you will sadness, anger or worse depression. 

On the other hand if you learn and grow from the challenge. Then you become wiser and stronger. You have more faith and love for those around you, wether they are people, things or animals. You have so much more respect for life. As well as your own energy and that of spirit.

This is the most creative I've been in years. One reason is because I am being me, allowing myself to live fully in my spirit and not care what others think about my intuitive nature or my corky ways. I only care about being the best, most caring, courages and supportive person I can be to those who need and want to learn from me. 

I'm willing to share all that I know and understand.

Which means on a personal level, I've walked in both worlds long enough to know that you have to combine the two. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, the money, the man, the abundance and prosperity. You have to live it on the inside, yet take the actionable steps on the outside to create it. 


....This is how magic and manifestation works and to some it looks like a miracle

because it happens so easily when the two are properly combined.  


After listening to spirit and now knowing why my life took all the turns it did and going through all those crazy experiences. I fully understand my purpose and look forward to the journey of helping other spiritual woman entrepreneurs who wish to up level not only their lives but the lives of all they touch.